The openDCIM Foundation, Inc is a not-for profit corporation formed to manage the project and cover any expenses related to hosting and publicizing openDCIM. If you find openDCIM to be useful, please consider a donation, of any amount. Thank you.

Mailing List

There is a mailing list for discussion of openDCIM - its features, bugs we haven't found or fixed yet, questions about how to use it, etc. It's strictly opt-in, and the list member addresses are only visible by the administrators. If you would like to subscribe to the list, click here. You must be a member of the mailing list to send email to it.


If you need help right away and want to try IRC you can find us on Libera in #opendcim. We are most likely idling so leave a message and wait for an answer or /msg one of the operators directly.

Email Developers

Please do not email the developers directly unless they have requested that you do so. Utilize the mailing list and/or IRC. If you need to inquire about a paid support contract, please contact, directly.